Just a few weeks after Typhoon 15 crushed into the Shiba prefecture, Typhoon 19 ‘Hagidis’ comes screaming towards Japan. Japan being the worlds best prepared country in these cases, but that doesn’t offer any guarantiees.

Lambert Rinkens, landgraaf, 11 oktober 2019, 23:32

Japan being the worlds best prepared country in the world concerning typhoons and eartquakes. But typhoon Hagidis has become something exceptional. Its size and power are enormous. Typhoon Hagidis took a hold of all of Japan even before getting there.


Trains have bene stopped and its journeys cancelled. Shops are closing down. People bought all of the bottles of water they could get. Games of the Rugby World Champioship cancelled. People in all of Japan are watching tv, but they are not just watching anything. All of them are watching typhoon Hagidis on its unstoppable way to the mainland of Japan, their country.

The embankments protecting the city of Tokio might not be sufficient enough to do their job. Typhoon Hagidis arriving on the capital during high tide and about 30% of Tokio being below sea level.

One of the other problems being the fact Japan was being hit by another typhoon just a few weeks ago. Typhoon 15 doing a lot of damage in the south east Chiba prefecture end of september. A lot of the people living there still trying to fix the damage done back then. Worsening the matter being the fact those people now having to leave there badly damaged homes to rescue themselves with typhoon Hagidis approaching fast and furious. Leaving their homes not knowing what to expect when Hagidis has done its most likely damaging work.

The Japanese government not exactly being of great help to these people. Their help within the typhoon 15 matter being a financial support of about €100 per person. Japan and its people seam to be depending on people which are willing and capable of doing the job the governmentof prime minister Abe should be doing. People like Yuya Kimishima.

Yuya Kimishima

Yuya Kimishima is a shop-owner in the Chiba prefecture. Not a big shop. In fact its a small shop. About 18 square meters in all. But its a special shop in several ways. In fact its a beauty. Yuya build the shop himself. All of it that is. Furthermore does he sell special products of the AMBESSA & CO. Organic food. Just and only organic. No rubbish. Delicious food from all over the world. Hundreds of jarrs filled with healthy and great tasting stuff. But, in matter of fact, tht’s not the most important matter.

He build the shop himself. He knows how to do a good construction job. Right after typhoon had done the damage in China he didnn’t doubt for a second. He instantly started to help his fellow countrymen. Not only rasing funds but doing it the best way possible. Offering advice in constructing a far better roof. Exactly showing people how and where to improve. Using technical knowhow and sharing it. Thus helping everybody.

However. All his efforts being done and in many cases still being ongoing, question being will it be done on time? Typhoon Hagidis most likely appearing to fast, to soon and most of all to furious.

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